About Us

I Do Black Shit is a Black-owned company.

We are descendants of the most resourceful, forgiving, compassionate and resilient people on the planet.  Displaced and separated from our roots for centuries, we've developed into something new - an entirely separate culture.  Time has proven we thrive under pressure, regardless of our surroundings and systemic oppression.  Our unique experience breeds strength and fuels creativity.

Today, core elements of our culture can be found in the teeth of everything.  We control cool in every way imaginable.  Our unmistakable and influential customs have spread worldwide.  We're creators, alchemists, and believers.  Our talents, potential and greatness runs deep. It’s bigger than style, entertainment, or any discussion.

Our logo attempts to incorporate all shades of Black folk into a dynamically layered image. The colors are divided into sections as a respectful nod to cultural differences, since all Black people are not a monolith. These groups are then combined to form a powerful symbol of community, a Black Star. The logo signifies that we are no doubt stronger together, and may rise above everything if we link up.